About Us

About Us

Expedite Business Development Consulting is the first full service business development consultancy in the UK.  We have over 30 years combined knowledge and experience in all aspects of assisting companies substantially to improve their ability to develop and sustain new business.

We believe that by truly understanding and partnering our clients, we are able to offer best practice and pragmatic advice which provides a significant and demonstrable return on your investment.  We also believe in providing an exciting, fun, dynamic, professional and rewarding environment for our employees with first class levels of training, development, support and attached to the highest opportunities for financial and personal growth.

The key to our success as a company – and the key to the success we deliver to our clients – is through the close relationships we have forged with C level decision makers in HR, Finance, IT and Marketing departments.  Expedite offers C level decision makers a range of approaches to assist them in finding the precise solutions to their specific needs.

The sheer volume of direct sales and marketing calls received by busy decision makers has disaffected them and made them hostile to approaches.  The problem is that when they are really in the market to buy, they then have to decide quickly who is the right company to assist them in solving their key strategic challenges. We have the ability to leverage the benign relationships which we have painstakingly built, to provide access and engagement with these elite groups, when it is virtually impossible to do so through normal routes.  We can demonstrate how much investment of time and money we can save your business.

Everything we do individually tailored to your business-specific needs, which means we align the most suitable blend of services to provide the exact results you require.  We guarantee to offer and deliver industry-leading  pricing, value and return on investment

We have a passion for business development which is unparalleled. This is combined with a proven track record in designing and implementing process-driven methods and strategies that consistently deliver a significant increase in new business for every client.

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"Expedite took our lengthy brief & swiftly came back with a company we did not know of, yet was an exact match in terms of our requirements. They then organised the meeting and set the scene for both parties. We are now working with the company they put forward" ~ HR Director, Software
"We have had a number of meetings, arranged by Expedite with HR Directors. In each case the individual has had a live project, a budget and time frame attached to resolve it and they want to meet us. We could not ask for better meetings" ~ MD SLA Recruitment