5 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees

5 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees

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        Ideally, effective reward packages are a blend of recognition, gifting, compensation and perks. According to Lisa Bodell, Founder of Futurethink “Top innovators combine monetary rewards with recognition, and individual with team rewards in order to achieve a balanced program.” Over the years, employers have made numerous efforts to improve employee performance and drive motivation and morale. The approach differs from company to company, and might include an emphasis on competition, or a focus on promoting a team-based atmosphere. Either way, the ultimate objective is to foster employee motivation and engagement. Here are five creative reward ideas to improve performance and motivation in your workplace.      

Themed Rewards

  Themed rewards make use of a current event- such as a football world cup, a holiday or national occasion, to promote positivity and engagement in the workplace. For example, you could organise an activity or team building exercise, where the reward is tied to a major event- such as tickets to a game or concert. This is similar to promotional approaches used in most marketing campaigns that have always proved to be successful.  

‘Volunteer’ Days

    Another idea is to let people take a day off, so that they can volunteer at a charity of their choice. Sometimes, the best reward is to give people the opportunity to do something meaningful. At the end of the day, you can ask them to write about their experiences and share it on the company blog. In fact, the idea of ‘volunteer days’ was sanctioned by Prime Minister David Cameron. During the election campaign earlier this year, he proposed that half of the UK workforce would be given three days’ paid leave each year to volunteer.   The ‘Celebrations’ Committee   Set up an employee driven committee, to plan and organise anything from birthdays to seasonal holidays. Additionally, this committee could be responsible for recognising employee achievements, and accordingly hosting a celebration as a reward. In this way, employees feel that their needs and interests are being addressed and they are valuable to the company. Events under this banner can include celebrations inside or outside of the office, which intrigue or motivate employees.  

Personalised Emails

  If your employees are performing well, tell them! You could write a letter of encouragement or motivation, pointing out tasks that achieved success or were completed on target. This small personalised gesture can go a long way in making employees feel valued and recognised. Most people like to have their achievements recognised by others; the experience is always more meaningful if someone else is there to share the success. By acknowledging positive accomplishments via a personal email, you are demonstrating your appreciation and trust in your employees. This will undoubtedly create an atmosphere of positivity and loyalty.  

‘Wellness’ Rewards

  HR professionals will agree that healthy employees are more productive. Providing rewards that improve employee health is beneficial to the organisation as a whole.
  • Gym Membership
You could recognise a job well done by offering employees a gym membership.
  •  Yoga Class
Another great reward is a yoga class - this could be a great way to unwind after a long day at work.       According to Expedite’s CM Event Report 45% of companies consider Reward to be their top challenge.       Reward  

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