Developing Leadership Capability in Your Supervisory Staff

Developing Leadership Capability in Your Supervisory Staff

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Supervisors signify a vital force in any organisation. If the supervisors also double up as inspiring leaders, then it goes without saying that the team members will be enthused to deliver their best. Here are a few ways in which you can develop the leadership skills of your supervisory staff.

Leadership Training Sessions

Once you have identified the leadership candidates in your organisation, it is important to hone their capabilities towards achieving this goal. You could consider running in-house leadership training sessions that cover areas from critical thinking, to motivation and collaboration. Incorporating as many soft skills as required into the training program can go a long way in achieving the desired results. Not only will participation in such workshops enhance the leadership acumen of your employees, it will also encourage them to take more responsibility. Although a leadership program can be structured in several ways, the focus should be on conveying to the participants how becoming better leaders can help them achieve both personal, as well as organisation, goals.  

Set up Mentoring Programs

Another effective way of building future leaders can be through setting up mentoring programs. You could pair senior employees in your organisation with selected employees. To assess the program’s success, consider setting up appropriate benchmarks against which you can measure it. And above all, it should be one that is customised to your organisation, as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to mentoring programs.  

Build Self-Esteem

Employees with a higher self-esteem are more motivated to perform their tasks and can inspire people around them to perform better. Martin Zwilling’s article for Forbes makes this point by drawing us to Paul Meshanko’s The Respect Effect, in which the author writes that people with a healthy self-esteem perform at their best and treat others with respect, getting the best out of them. Low self-esteem is generally due to lack of appreciation. To nurture your employees’ leadership skills, you need to raise their self-esteem by acknowledging their work with appropriate rewards whenever possible.  

Set an Example to Follow

Great leaders lead by example. If your organisation’s supervisors feel comfortable approaching you with their queries, it will not only help them in their tasks, but also they can follow the same practice when dealing with their team members. If it is needed, do not hesitate to mentor a supervisor yourself. By sharing your knowledge, you accelerate the professional growth of your supervisors, and at the same time realise company-wide goals.  

Harnessing Leadership Through Positivity

It is necessary that you communicate the positive aspects of any situation to the supervisors. It will motivate them and help them to encourage their team members. By focusing on the positive, supervisors are likely to achieve much more, and will be able to succeed as efficient leaders. It also promotes a culture of positive thinking in the organisation that is healthy for its overall growth. As effective leaders, the supervisors can motivate their team members, which plays a key role in the success of your organisation.

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