Have you ever faced these HR challenges?

Have you ever faced these HR challenges?

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HR Challenges

  HR managers are responsible for adding value to an organisation and its employees. In order to do this, HR needs to continuously evolve and be updated on emerging tools and techniques that can benefit an organisation and its employees. This means improving the ways in which traditional roles are performed and providing more than just basic functioning. As most organisations are becoming Global and forging international ties, it is increasingly important for HR managers to help employees get acquainted with these changes. In today’s fluctuating economy, there are many challenges faced by Human Resource managers.  

Key HR challenges include the following:

Resistance to change/Technical changes

  Change management is one of the most common challenges faced by organisations. Changes in the workplace can be covert, organised or at an individual level. Managing change resistance is challenging, because it affects the feelings and opinions of employees. Organisations need to practise open communication and create an environment of trust that translates into positive, interpersonal relationships. Resistance to change can be minimised by having discussions with employees about any changes that are to be introduced. Changes experienced could be in the form of a merger, department reorganisation, relocating facilities, adopting new appraisal processes, changing work requirements and much more. Technical changes in an organisation can sometimes be seen as a threat to  employees. They might be afraid that their roles within a company could be replaced by a machine or a computer that could do the job cheaper and faster. In such cases, it is the role of the Human Resource manager to assure employees of their worth and help them to see that such technical changes would enhance rather than hinder the workforce.    

Providing training and support to employees

  Another major role of HR is to provide employees with adequate training and support to facilitate their continued development. This would help employees create long-term career development goals and contribute towards career satisfaction. HR would need to identify the core areas of the business where training is needed and facilitate on-site or off-site training opportunities. Providing development opportunities for employees helps to make an organisation a desirable place to work. This is also a great way to ensure that employees adhere to the policies and guidelines of the organisation. Schedule career development discussions and help employees understand the opportunities and limitations of their current position. This would also include keeping employees abreast of new technological developments that would assist them in their specific roles. Employees who feel supported and cared for in the workplace are more likely to stick around in that organisation. HR managers should effectively liaise between an organisation and its employees to promote employee wellbeing and efficiency. According to Expedite’s CM Event Report 59% of companies consider change management to be their top HR challenge and 26% of companies consider training to be their top HR challenge.          

HR Challenges

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