How are HR trends shaping the future of Learning Technology?

How are HR trends shaping the future of Learning Technology?

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Learning technology consists of a range of communication, information and other related technologies that are used to support teaching, learning and assessment.

  In this day and age, digital technology plays a vital role in our everyday lives and the same is true in the work environment. New digital technologies allow for better integration and flexibility in the workplace.               According to Bill Warren, President and CEO of WOWemployers, a key trend in HR is the search for a solution that will provide hiring managers and recruiters, with internet-based desktop tools for inter-organisational collaboration, process automation and analysis.                                                                                   Jeff Covan, Vice President of Marketing at Cyborg Systems Inc, believes that the latest trend is to move towards standardisation for web-based applications, which will enable them to be truly collaborative.                                                       The goal is to allow HR professionals to collaborate closely with other business functions and play a larger role when evaluating external technologies, and building interfaces between them and existing data and systems.                                

The future of learning technology

    Most organisations are fast realising that they need to focus on learning in order to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some key trends that are shaping the future of learning technology in the workplace.  
  • Revolutionise the workspace
  A growing number of organisations are leveraging technology to train their workforce. This could be in the form of web-based learning programs, tutorials and videos, mobile learning, gamification, apps and much more.  
  • Learner at the centre of all learning activities
  Different learning technologies are shifting the focus from the trainer to the learner in the workplace. Instead of pushing employees to learn, organisations are now helping them find answers and solutions to offer a smoother work interface.  
  • Understanding context
  Instead of just focusing on the transfer of knowledge, the focus is now shifting towards getting a more in-depth ‘know how’ and understanding ‘context’ for a more holistic learning experience.  
  • Learning in the workplace
  As the pace of technological advances increases, jobs require constant adaptation. Training is being integrated into on-the-job activities for quick results. Employees need to seek and receive knowledge in real time.  
  • Online courses
  We see more HR professionals and Learning and Development professionals encouraging employees to further enhance their careers, by enrolling in online courses and improving their skill sets.            

HR trends to shape the future of Learning Technology

  • Hiring talent
  In today’s global workforce, talent is no longer confined to a specific geographic location. HR managers are now accessing international job sites and forums, in order to find candidates who would be the best fit for the job.  
  • Video Job Interviews
Video interviews are being used to screen candidates who  are overseas or live far away. In some cases, a majority of the interview process is carried out via a video call and only successful candidates or potential employees are called in. These types of job interviews make it possible to interview candidates from all over the world, connecting organisations to a wider pool of potential employees.  
  • Mobile Optimisation
  HR representatives are recognising that mobile devices are used much more than personal computers these days. This is why they are aiming to optimise the job search process by connecting with candidates via their phones. This makes it easier for candidates to access, and apply for, jobs while on the go.  
  • Cloud-based systems
    Instead of solely relying on HR software, more HR managers are leaning towards cloud-based systems. This shift is a step towards easier navigation which would benefit employees and give HR professionals more time for other administrative tasks.     Innovative online learning platforms are replacing more traditional training methods in order to improve engagement and growth of employees in the workplace. Learning technology tools will therefore enable HR to analyse employee data, create customised talent offerings and also benefit marketing, branding and other HR processes.                

Learning Tech

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