How can your organisation use social media for recruitment?

How can your organisation use social media for recruitment?

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A number of professional opportunities over the last few years have stemmed from the use of social media. It has long-cemented its role as the primary method to ‘connect’ people – to brands, to friends and family, and to share experiences. 

        Most of us are aware that today, everyone has four to five social media profiles. It is this data that is helpful for a recruiter who is looking for people to hire – it gives you the platform to be able to talk, chat, and engage with people across multiple channels, which is a much more powerful way of communicating. By only driving candidates through job boards or other traditional recruitment methods you may not reach the ‘talent’ you need.    

What is Social Recruiting?

  Social recruiting is the concept of using social media or social networking sites in the recruitment process. These concepts help companies in planning their hiring strategy. It’s to find the most qualified ‘talent’ quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively for the company. However, the basic fundamental goal of recruiting hasn’t changed.   From a job applicant’s perspective, they want easy access to a list of available openings and a simple application process, and to keep them in-the-loop regarding the status of their application.

Social recruiting for businesses

  According to The Information Daily, 65% of small businesses use social media for recruiting compared to 51% of medium companies and 44% of large businesses.

Here are a few statistics of people who spend time on social media:

  • 98% of 18-24 year old people use social media
  • People send 190 million (average amounts of tweets) per day
  • People spend 15 hours (average amount of time) on Facebook per month
  • 58% of respondents were spending more than two hours a week on LinkedIn
The above statistics indicate that a lot of people spend time on social media. So if you’re looking for the best talent, then you need to be where the best talent is spending their time – on social media.  

How to create a successful social recruiting strategy

  Analyse the environmentmany social platforms have vibrant audiences already in place, which is why it can be easy to get distracted by the pace of communication. Do a comprehensive assessment in order to focus on the core issues.
  • A company should have a focused conversation about why they are using social media for recruiting. Some of the reasons why they should adopt this strategy is:

It encourages cost-saving because many social sites are free.

And because your company’s competitor is using social, and you need to keep up.

  • As a recruiter you have to choose 1-2 sites to drive traffic – post a link to your LinkedIn page where openings are listed or a link directly to your company’s website on the careers page.
  • Your company needs a presence only on the sites that fit your audience. For recruiting purposes, LinkedIn is the best option.Develop a strategy – after having defined your goals for the program, it’s time to put a logical plan in place – to hire great talent!
  • Ensure your career site is working efficiently.
  • Since there are many steps in the application process when applying online – try your own process before going online.
  • For a sign up option, choose one social site at a time versus several at once.
  • When creating a social networking account, spend some time thinking about what you want to name the account. Decide whether you will have an individual account or a one company account to monitor.
  • Write an introduction, with details regarding your industry and location, and also ask your corporate counsel if they want any disclaimer to be included.
  • Create a category on the site where you can post general articles and blog posts that job applicants may find interesting. 

Implement the strategy

    It’s important you connect with other people and organisations – if you don’t, then you will not benefit from others spreading the word about you.
  • Share your open positions on your personal social networking accounts, as this allows you to connect with the right people.
Evaluate Progress – Like other forms of recruiting you have to establish a few social media metrics to measure your success. You should monitor traffic on your site to see how much traffic flow you get from social sites. Some common metrics to consider:
  • Tracking traffic on your career site
  • Number of comments/mentions on social media channels
  • Number of likes, connections and followers on your social media profile
  • Cost savings
  • Check your applicant tracking system regularly.
  • Cultivate a habit of reading news, articles or blogs about social recruiting because the world of social media is changing constantly.

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