HR Events – The value to you as a supplier or vendor

HR Events – The value to you as a supplier or vendor

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In June 2015, Expedite Consulting conducted The ‘HR Directors Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting’; this was an ideal opportunity for you as a vendor or supplier to engage with the top HR Directors directly, and pitch your tools, resources and innovations. Furthermore, the event offered a unique occasion to gain unparalleled access to your target market – HR Directors.

There are two fundamental challenges which prevent all companies from developing as much business as they should:

  • The ability of an organisation to gain access to their target
  • Opportunity to engage with their target face to face

The HR events conducted by Expedite Consulting are an ongoing opportunity for organisations to overcome these challenges and engage with the most innovative minds in the industry. If you are one of those innovative thinkers, then you should definitely attend future meets.

It is common practice for technology providers or vendors to continuously pursue opportunities to meet with HR Directors. As a result, HR professionals have become resistant to the many different direct marketing and sales approaches that companies continue to adopt.  As a supplier you have to ask yourself - “Why would they trust me?” “What makes me different from the many other 'similar' companies they are approached by, on a daily basis?”

HR Directors have a number of responsibilities, ranging from people management, to improving organisational proficiency. Understandably, they maintain a hectic schedule, and may find it difficult to consult with the numerous companies who are trying to sell products and technologies to them.

Expedite is in the enviable position of having built real relationships with the top 2,500 HR Directors in the United Kingdom, so we have the access and engagement that other companies simply do not have. This privileged position allows us to speak with these Directors on a continuous and consistent basis, as a trusted and benign third party.

The HR events we organise are aimed at facilitating interaction between HR Directors and innovative suppliers, in a conducive business environment. Expedite ensures prior contact with each Director before you meet. If you are not happy we guarantee to substitute that meeting, which means there is no risk attached. You definitely don’t want to miss opportunities to connect with HR professionals, boost your network, and promote your services or products; so get in touch with us for more information about future events.

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"Expedite took our lengthy brief & swiftly came back with a company we did not know of, yet was an exact match in terms of our requirements. They then organised the meeting and set the scene for both parties. We are now working with the company they put forward" ~ HR Director, Software
"We have had a number of meetings, arranged by Expedite with HR Directors. In each case the individual has had a live project, a budget and time frame attached to resolve it and they want to meet us. We could not ask for better meetings" ~ MD SLA Recruitment