HR Trends 2015 – Is your Organisation Ready?

HR Trends 2015 – Is your Organisation Ready?

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The world of work is constantly changing and 2015 has seen a number of new developments that have had a noticeable impact on Human Resource Management. Conversely, the focus of HR has shifted and this has created waves in the workplace. From an emphasis on social media, to a re-evaluation of organisational culture and employee engagement, several new trends have worked their way into HR strategies. A prominent report that addresses these new trends is Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends Report. What stands out in the report is the importance of culture and engagement. Interestingly, these were viewed as even more significant than leadership, which has traditionally been a top HR issue. Also, experts point out that adapting to globalisation and emphasis on social media are significant Human Resource trends in 2015.

Key Human Resource Trends changing the workplace in 2015

Examining Culture and Engagement in an Organisation

According to the Deloitte report, the proportion of respondents citing culture and engagement as a “very important” issue almost doubled in 2015, from 26 percent to 50 percent. Approximately two-thirds of HR respondents are looking at ways to update or revamp their entire strategy, to measure, manage, and improve employee engagement. “This challenge highlights the need for business and HR leaders to gain a clear understanding of their organisation’s culture and re-examine every HR and talent program as a way to better engage and empower people”  - Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends Report HR plays a key role in maintaining and upgrading organisational culture- the aim is to ensure that companies accommodate a diverse workforce. Currently, HR professionals are focused on establishing and maintaining a unified culture, while operating in the context of multiple national, regional and local cultures.

Developing Leadership Capability in Employees

For the third year in a row, leadership has been identified as one of the most persistent talent challenges faced by global organisations. Nearly 9 out of 10 global HR and business leaders (86%) cited leadership as a top issue, as noted in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends. To meet this challenge successfully, organisations are applying new tools that offer innovative approaches to help accelerate leadership. This involves assessing leadership qualities, understanding career patterns of successful leaders, and learning what development works best. HR professionals are continuing to build a strong portfolio of leaders who are prepared to drive innovation, improve employee engagement and push forward growth strategies.

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

Social media has swept HRM like a storm! An increasing number of HR professionals are relying on social networks for recruitment -oriented purposes. As a result of this emphasis on a digital profile, candidates are making every effort to create an impressive online presence - from outstanding LinkedIn profiles to innovative online resumes and blogs. Social media has become more important than ever before! Networking sites have led to enormous improvements in both, the sizes of candidate pools, as well as the cost of screening candidates.   The rise of LinkedIn – LinkedIn has transformed the way in which HR professionals screen and recruit potential candidates. This trend highlights the role of the digital age in transforming human resources management, and is increasingly replacing traditional methods of recruitment.

Adapting to Globalisation

Enterprises today are not limited to national boundaries - they extend across a Global platform. And as organisations increase their global presence and reach; their internal systems have to become global systems, too. This has placed new requirements on HR professionals. HR must ensure that the organisation is comprised of an appropriate mix of employees, in terms of knowledge, skills and cultural adaptability. Globalisation has led to increased variability in customer profiles, and organisations are interacting with customers from diverse backgrounds. To adapt to this trend, HR professionals aim to recruit employees with equally diverse backgrounds. While 2015 has proved to be a transformational year for HR, it is inevitable that these trends will have a significant impact on future HR strategies as well.     HR trends

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