Is your HR strategy motivating employees to go the extra mile?

Is your HR strategy motivating employees to go the extra mile?

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Does your organisation foster creativity and provide a climate of openness and innovation? Improving employee motivation has become key to organisational success - Most HR professionals will agree, employees who don’t feel challenged or inspired are less likely to do productive work. The important thing to remember is that there isn’t any single way to achieve increased motivation in employees. Each one of your employees is unique and has a distinctive set of needs and objectives. So how can you inspire and motivate employees? How can you ensure that employees don’t lose interest or direction in their work?

Here are three ways to inspire employees and drive them to succeed :

Transparent communication

The ‘Open door policy’ is an old cliché, but it actually works. Most experts agree that open and honest communication leads to increased employee trust and loyalty. One of the key ways to motivate employees is to communicate with them. If you are pleased with a particular assignment or the seamless process by which an employee handled a challenging situation, let him or her know.  Similarly, if an employee is performing unsatisfactorily, share your views on the issue and discuss concerns. Conduct a weekly or monthly one-on-one meeting with employees who report to you. Your staff will feel encouraged and motivated when they know that you are interested in their opinions and work progress. Also, show that you care about your employees, by inquiring about important life events or vacations. . By engaging with your employees in a candid and direct manner, you are likely to gain their confidence and respect.

Innovation that inspires performance

Every new assignment and project begins with a phase of innovation and ideation - give employees an opportunity to be a part of this. Whenever possible, you should put the person who suggested an idea in charge of the actual implementation.  Being part of implementing ideas can be an exciting experience, and a significant growth opportunity for employees. When they oversee a project from initiation to execution, it will inspire them to perform and help them stay motivated.

An encouraging work environment

The way in which your work environment is designed can have a major impact on your team’s productivity. Employees spend a large part of their day at the office - often more than eight hours. During this time, they are likely to feel a bit tired or uninspired. You can boost productivity and ensure a constant interest in work, by including a few home comforts - such as beanbags or reading corners. This creates a positive office atmosphere, where employees feel that their interests are being addressed. Some companies have torn down the traditional ‘cubicle’ set-up and replaced it with a more open layout, which encourages socialisation and increased communication. Others have adopted informal breakout areas, inclusive of colourful walls full of graffiti or peaceful, phone-free zones, for some quiet time. Overall, a work environment that is warm, friendly and conducive to productivity will motivate employees and encourage them to perform better. According to Expedite’s CM Event Report 27% of companies consider communication as their top challenge.           Top_HR_Challenges_03  

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