Top Recruitment Trends for 2015

Top Recruitment Trends for 2015

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Technological advancements drive the employment market and impact the way the recruitment industry, organisations and candidates function.

Business and talent acquisition leaders need to stay ahead of the latest recruitment trends. Companies are feeling the pressure to find top talent at lower costs, while competing with big brands. With new technologies and trends it is now possible for small and big companies alike to source high quality talent.

Recent advancements include:

  • Rise of social media –
It is easier to find professionals online due to the connections offered by social media. This has also levelled the playing field.  
  • Digital marketing trends –
Digital advertising trends that target people based on online behaviour have made it easier for companies to target the right candidates. You can now segment and target talent with the best job opportunities.  
  • Rise of mobile use –
Candidates can now look for jobs and research companies while on the go.  
  • Use of Big Data analytics –
  Talent acquisition leaders have started to invest in Big Data analytics to help them make tactical and strategic business decisions.   A levelled playing field also means that recruiters are faced with stiff competition when trying to hire the top professional candidates in their respective fields. In such a challenging recruitment environment, recruiters need to keep up with the latest trends to ensure successful sourcing and hiring.      

Most popular recruitment trends

  1. Increased focus on quality
  According to global recruiting leaders, quality of hire is a key factor and one of the most valuable metrics, when measuring a recruiter’s performance. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, UK and global talent acquisition leaders agree that sourcing skilled talent is the lynchpin of a successful recruiting organisation. The study was conducted with 4,125 talent acquisition leaders in 31 countries across 14 industries.  
  • Greater importance on social recruiting
  Social networks have become a very important source of quality hires in the UK and have increased by 36% in the last four years. LinkedIn is easily one of the most preferred social networking sites, next in line being Facebook. Social platforms help to find quality candidates and also help you reach a larger number.    
  • Reaching out to passive candidates
  The LinkedIn study also highlighted that smaller companies are more interested in recruiting passive talent as opposed to larger companies. 57% of UK companies recruit passive talent. While potential candidates are not actively looking for a job, they would still be interested in talking to recruiters and getting information on new job leads. This is a key talent pool of candidates and should not be missed.  
  • Use of mobile recruiting
  Companies are realising that mobile job seeking behaviour is on the rise and that they need to invest in better mobile strategies. Recruiters need to optimise their job postings and career sites to suit mobile browsing. The easier it is for candidates to search for and apply for jobs, the more applications are made available for companies to screen.  
  • Building a compelling talent brand
A strong talent brand can reduce a company’s cost per hire and lower turnover rates. According to the recent LinkedIn study, 72% of UK talent acquisition leaders say that talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent. A good talent brand will promote your company as a great place to work and attract new talent. Tapping into these key recruitment trends will help companies keep up with the competition and get connected with qualified professionals.                                

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