What are the recruiting challenges faced by HR professionals?

What are the recruiting challenges faced by HR professionals?

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“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity.”

  • By Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.

  Hiring is important for any organisation – it is cited as a critical success factor, especially for those business leaders who want to grow rapidly. Whenever it’s time for hiring, HR professionals face the challenge of finding the right talent. It is your ability to gauge the best talent that can make the entire process of hiring simpler and uncomplicated. There are numerous issues that HR professionals may have to overcome while acquiring new employees – from drawing up a job advertisement, to setting the candidate criteria, shortlisting applicants and organising the interview process. Additionally, a key aspect of head-hunting is identifying talented professionals who have the ability to take the organisation forward.            

Challenges and potential solutions for recruiting

    In the coming years, HR professionals will have to face new challenges - due to the way social media and mobile technology are shaping recruiting practices.
  • The biggest struggle that recruiters are beginning to encounter is the need to make a speedy hire. The fact that companies are growing so fast and need to fill multiple positions at the same time, makes it difficult for HR professionals to continue to recruit workers.
  To overcome this issue, you could examine the recruitment tools, especially the software and employee management strategies implemented by your company. You could invest time storing and saving candidates’ information into the system.       Limited resources at the HR unit can affect the recruiting process to a large extent. While some companies rely on more traditional recruiting channels, others have large budgets to place ads across the internet.       Social media platforms can be a great and affordable solution to this issue. You can use LinkedIn profiles or send out information about open positions to other people on social channels.    
  • Finding the perfect candidate for a certain position is another challenge, especially when you don’t get resumes from candidates with strong backgrounds or skill sets needed for the position. This is the all-too-common problem for recruiters at the time when the competition for key performers heats up.
    Hire a candidate not only to fill a position but look for a talent. You could train and educate talented workers so they can acquire essential skills.      
  • Analytics remains a large challenge for many HR professionals, even today. Harnessing data acquired through human resource information systems, or any other technology, can be tricky.
    The simple solution is to work with data analytics experts in order to understand the meaning of various data points and how your department can harness them.    
  • New employees need to be able to integrate into a team and work efficiently in an organisation.  Finding workers who fit the company culture has become a top recruiting challenge for businesses today.
  Outline the company’s culture as best as you can in job descriptions. Clearly present the company’s mission and its core values – this can help job seekers understand the organisation better. It also helps ensure that only candidates who are a good fit will apply.                                                                                                                               If your business offers solutions to recruiting challenges, Expedite Consulting provides an ideal opportunity for you as a supplier to engage with top HR directors directly, and pitch your tools, resources and innovations. Our events offer a unique occasion to gain unparalleled access to your target market – HR Directors. For any further information get in touch with christian.milam@staging.expedite-consulting.com.              

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