Who should attend the HR Directors Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting?

Who should attend the HR Directors Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting?

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Human Resources

Are you an innovative HR thinker? Are you keen to strengthen business relationships and gain fresh ideas? The'HR Directors Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting’ (HISC), is organised for the top echelons of HR organisations and it will provide practical solutions to the most challenging HR issues today. It is a unique opportunity to interact with senior business leaders and senior HR decision makers of ambitious organisations, who aim to have a business impact in today’s new economy and build sustainable organisations. Who should attend?

Human Resource Directors

The Challenger Meet is a great platform for HR directors aiming to facilitate change in the HR sector to fit the needs of today's modern, fast changing organisations. The board room briefings, case studies and interactive workshops at the Meeting will help HR directors discover how key responsibilities and agendas continue to evolve in the changing business world. The discussions and debates on data technologies and changing HR strategies will help them learn best practices from industry leaders.

Human Resource Leaders

The HRISC Meet is essentially an active networking event, which will help Chief Human Resource leaders to associate with like-minded people in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship. It is extremely important for HR leaders to be aware of a diverse portfolio of solutions from the leading vendors in the industry. This event is a perfect platform to network with vendors and get familiar with their innovative solutions. Live product demos at the conference will help HR pros to make informed buying decision, when the time is right.

Senior HR Academics and Senior HR Decision Makers

In the current business environment, Senior HR Academics and Senior Decisions Makers should ideally focus on

  • Employee strength
  • Recruiting the best talent
  • Aligning with organisation’s purpose and objectives
  • Accurately measuring the return on investment.

The challenger meet will attract the most innovative minds in HR, who will discuss their ground-breaking ideas and opinions on how to achieve success in all these critical areas.

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"Expedite took our lengthy brief & swiftly came back with a company we did not know of, yet was an exact match in terms of our requirements. They then organised the meeting and set the scene for both parties. We are now working with the company they put forward" ~ HR Director, Software
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