Why is building a powerful employer brand so essential in our global landscape?

Why is building a powerful employer brand so essential in our global landscape?

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Susannah Anfield PWC

We hear from PwC’s global strategy and leadership team Susannah Anfield and Alexis Jenkins.

With member firms across 156 territories worldwide, in countries as diverse as Bosnia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Uganda, it’s clear that PwC has become a recognisable brand worldwide. Its clients are also just as diverse, varying from big, corporate blue chips to SMEs. But how can an organisation the size of PwC retain a powerful, international brand as well as appeal to the many different cultures it works within?  And where does ‘talent’ fit into this? In this current global landscape we now operate in, this is a question many organisations need to address – here, Susannah Anfield and Alexis Jenkins share PwC’s perspective.

How does an organisation define its global brand?

“An organisation needs to look at what is globally ‘non-negotiable’ and what is ‘flexible’ in a local context”, explains Alexis.  “From PwC’s point of view, there is an opportunity here around the collective culture of our company and what it means to be a PwC Professional. We aim for certain traits and capabilities to be evident in any PwC partner but, at the same time, allow for nuances that reflect the local culture.” Susannah says: “Because we’re such a large organisation, it’s critical to have a collective strategy that will develop depth and strength in our territories. However, this also needs to accommodate the difference and priorities in single markets and the need to focus on a differing set of needs and priorities.” She adds: “We require our brand to be unified but tailored and relevant to the country.” This is, of course, a challenge but is becoming more critical as clients increasingly look for a recognisable, enduring brand that not only has an understanding of global markets but can bring this insight to the fore in a local context.

How can it be achieved?

Both Alexis and Susannah agree that leadership development is essential to organisations achieving this. “At PwC the leadership development team work with both current and future leaders to engage in the future of the organisation – the two working together is imperative.” “We work with those already leading across the global network but also assess the current needs of a local territory depending on their strategy. Again, we need consistency across all firms, while respecting local needs.” Susannah Anfield and Alexis Jenkins will discuss ‘Optimising Leadership Development on a Global Scale’ in further detail at The HR Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meeting - 17th and 18th November 2015 .

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