Why is change management necessary for an organisation?

Why is change management necessary for an organisation?

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 "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change.”

-          By Charles Darwin

            Change in a business is a necessity to compete in any market. In order to survive in today’s climate of uncertainty, a company’s ability to change is vital to its survival. Particularly, when most businesses today are working on adapting to something new, better or faster – it has become imperative for organisations to know the critical levers for driving readiness and behavioural change.                                             But how do you practically ensure that your organisation is ready for any successful change? The answer to this lies in incorporating the three Ps: plan, prepare and practise into your change management programme. However, before executing them, analyse your company’s activities, especially those that appear to influence success, and then apply the powerful Ps in those areas, primarily.                    

How the three Ps will help influence change management in an organisation:

  • Plan – organisations must have a plan, and a formal systematic process for change. If your organisation succeeds in developing this, it exhibits its clear leadership and integrated communication system, as well as strong employee motivation.
  Likewise, form a dedicated and trained change management team that has a concrete change and financial plan. It is their proficiency that helps in understanding the emphasis of the ‘change curve’– why people resist change and how to overcome this resistance.    
  • Preparation –armed with a good plan, create a compelling vision for change. And then, prepare to execute your change plan to enable good change results in your organisation.
  • Practise – at the core of any change, changing people is the most difficult task.  You must concentrate on changing people because organisations don’t change, people do. And people will practise only when you show them how positively it works for them.
  Therefore, create a sense of urgency for change – encourage participation, involvement, communication and openness. Your call for change must be consistent and regular – repeat your change messages over and over again, for people take time to hear, understand and believe the message.      

Factors for failure in managing change

  • Lack of consistent leadership
  • Demotivated employees
  • Budget cuts
  • Short-term approach to investment
  • Over-working and stressed out staff
  • Lack of innovation and the will to do ‘something different’
      These factors can create a vicious circle where the organisation will have no time for reflection, planning and learning. Due to lack of innovation, there will be no improvement in design and implementation. Over time, unplanned consequences will result in constant failure. This indicates that applying fundamental changes in your organisation is important but focusing on managing change is crucial.           One of the ways to manage change efficiently is by using the freeze/unfreeze concept developed by Kurt Lewin, an organisational psychologist.
  •       Unfreezing focuses on preparing people for change.
  •       Changing of people – tasks, structure, and technology.
  •       Refreezing is the evaluation and reinforcement of the changes that take place in the organisation.
    Apart from the successful change management strategies, also include motivational strategies, in order to benefit the organisation for managing future changes more effectively.                                                       Expedite Consulting provides an ideal opportunity for you as a supplier to engage with top HR directors directly, and pitch your tools, resources and innovations. Our events offer a unique occasion to gain unparalleled access to your target market – HR Directors. For any further information get in touch with christian.milam@staging.expedite-consulting.com.      

Change Management

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