Why should transparency be an integral part of your organisation’s culture?

Why should transparency be an integral part of your organisation’s culture?

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“Today, power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.” Co-founder and CTO of HubSpot

    Transparency in the workplace can seem like an idealistic notion - in an environment where competition is inevitable, sharing sensitive information can seem like a bad idea. In the words of John Hunt, professor at London Business School: “Truth can be the first casualty of the career ladder.” Despite the insecurities you may have about implementing a culture of transparency in your organisation, it’s essential to consider what you stand to gain from it. Transparency in an organisation creates a sense of safety and security, where employees feel they can contribute their ideas without the fear of negative consequences. Such an environment fosters feelings of loyalty and commitment to the job. Employees feel valued when their opinions are respected and, more importantly, when you share your honest opinions and vision for the company with them.  

What is Cultural Transparency?

A transparent culture involves a number of components, ranging from authentic relationships and honest communication, to shared goals. Productive employees lead to a productive organisation. One of the most effective ways to improve productivity is to make your employees feel like they are a part of the larger business goals. Transparency achieves this seamlessly. It offers an opportunity for you to grow your company, while creating a loyal and dedicated workforce. In the absence  of a transparent atmosphere, insecurity and distrust can breed, ultimately leading to a divide between employees and management.  

Why should you create a culture of transparency?

  • People are drawn to organisations with a Transparent Culture

If your aim is to hire the best talent and, more importantly, retain talent, transparency is vital. You are much more likely to attract honest and genuine people, if these principles are part of your organisation’s core values. Additionally, a culture that promotes transparency builds trust – the cornerstone of a healthy business environment.  
  • A Transparent culture inspires solutions

Genuine and honest relationships between different levels of the workforce foster a sense of confidence. When people begin engaging in an honest and secure environment, it opens up a network for new ideas and better ways to tackle challenging situations. Also, if employees feel free to ask and answer questions, it inspires innovation and creates a space for members across different teams to exchange solutions.
  • Transparency improves work performance

A work culture that encourages transparency will open up growth opportunities for employees, as they share knowledge and develop a better understanding of one another’s skill set. If the organisation’s goals and vision for the future are communicated openly, employees will gain clarity about how their work impacts the bottom line. This will motivate them to perform better and work in tandem with company goals.
  • A Transparent culture encourages honest communication

In a transparent work culture, employees are provided with the information they need, to gain a deep understanding of what their organisation stands for and what its goals are. Open lines of communication between superiors and employees, encourages inclusiveness and teamwork. Additionally, creating a culture of openness fosters healthy work relationships and drives productivity. A defining characteristic of cultural transparency is an honest and secure workspace - one where superiors and subordinates feel equally valued and have the freedom to share information and build authentic relationships.  Incorporating transparency into your current organisational culture will invariably improve its chances for success.              

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