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Innovation & Strategy Challenger Meetings

Our Innovation & Strategy Meetings model is cutting edge; it has been developed to assist C level Directors in finding and developing strategies that can assist them in resolving the business-specific challenges they face now.  It works to challenge the norm in all aspects of their role and to allow each individual to seek out new, cutting-edge solutions, benchmarking against their peers, confidentially discussing their most acute business issues to complex problems and in ways or with companies they did not realise could assist them.

We run these programmes for HR Directors, CIOs, CFOs and Marketing Directors, at different dates, over one day in central London.  This allows C level Director clients to gain access to the creme de la creme of industry experts, at one place, at one time and to engage in the following ways:

  • Benefit from a customised agenda which we design in accordance with your business-specific wishes.

  • Meet with a small number of selected suppliers who you do not currently work with but with whom you decide you want to meet.

  • Attend a small number of closed-door boardroom briefings.

  • Take part in a 360° fully interactive workshop led by an industry expert or thought leader.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Bespoke Meetings Service

Gaining quality business meetings. — It is a universally difficult part of business development, and therefore the most common roadblock to growing your company through increased profitable sales.

In most businesses no sale will happen without first speaking directly with a prospect. If you can get in front of (or on the phone or computer with) a prospect, you can make the sale, right?

Are you frustrated because you have valuable sales leads but find setting up quality sales meetings difficult and time consuming?  Is there a break in the follow-up process where good leads are not converting into successful sales engagement?  Do you believe there’s something going on inside your target accounts but you just can’t get quality time to discuss it?  Do you struggle to gain access to senior decision makers?  Is your ability to 'hold court' and truly engage with decision makers a problem?  Are you constantly missing opportunities because you couldn't reach the decision maker when they were looking to buy?

Then use our Bespoke Meetings services to increase sales.

If you spend valuable time and money generating leads, only to see them wasted because they don’t turn into sales meetings, then you need Expedite to turn sales leads into meetings and make sure the meetings happen.  Expedite offers an unparalleled bespoke meetings service to ensure you can turn those sales leads into valuable new business.

Sales people are short of time, so after a few failed attempts at appointment setting even valuable leads can get rejected.  However, when Expedite arranges these important face-to-face meetings, we make sure valuable opportunities are not lost and wasted.  We use our years of experience and leverage the relationships we have built to ensure that we make the right appointments for you and generate the best sales opportunities.

  • We consult with you fully to understand the task at hand, where your target market is, who you already work with and those organisations you wish to target.

  • A meeting or conference call is then booked between the team working on your behalf and your team to establish in detail how to position your value proposition.

  • Once you are happy with our understanding, our skilled consultants leverage our existing C level relationships and directly call these individuals.

  • We have the ability to qualify whether a target has a need, a budget and the desire to meet a supplier.

  • If this is the case we then champion you as the supplier of choice.

  • We come back to you with feedback; if you are satisfied, a meeting is signed off, in the office of the director and at a time and date convenient to both parties.

  • We reconfirm the meeting nearer the time

  • We can suggest a list of recommended questions and actions based on what we have already learned, to enable you to make the most of the appointment.

  • Feedback on the project is provided weekly between us and you.

  • Typically we deliver six or twelve highly qualified Bespoke Meetings within a six month period at a fixed cost.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Gain value by receiving an agreed number of meetings at a fixed price.

  • Win more deals: never lose sales leads just because a prospect is unavailable or too busy to talk when you call.

  • Save time and increase productivity: Let us fill your sales peoples’ diaries with valuable sales meetings.

  • Increase the effectiveness of the sales cycle: at the very point where it often falters.

  • Leverage our existing relationships: this means cutting down on the cost and time of developing meetings while harnessing the power that we hold as a benign, trusted third party.

  • Reduce the time and cost of generating new business.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Blended Business Development Solutions

In isolation, each of our services provides specific solutions to individual business development challenges. However, we find that many companies require a Blended Business Development approach.

Organisations who work with us in this manner normally require either a more complex solution to their challenges or a more sustained or concerted approach to developing new business.  If this is indeed the case, our team will work with you to identify what your specific requirements are, the target market you want to approach, what your offer is, if your offer is strong enough and, if so, what you need to achieve and in what time frame.  We then expertly blend a variety of services together in order to deliver the required tonic to your specific pain points.

Typically we design and build a bespoke programme, specifically for your needs, which runs over either a six or twelve month period.  This approach uses a number of different methods, in order directly to reach as many C level decision makers in your target market as possible.  We use proven practices and methodologies which affect decision-makers in different ways.  This maximises your ability to gain access to and engage with key decision-makers, ultimately winning you more contract business.

  • Our team consults with you to understand in detail the key business development challenges you are facing.

  • If the problems require a more complex or sustained solution we go away and create a blend of services.

  • Typically a programme lasts over either six or twelve months.

  • We provide ongoing support and feedback regarding how the project is unfolding and the results we are delivering.

  • A final meeting at the end of the project takes place to ensure we have delivered value and a significant return on your investment.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Gain maximum return: with a blend of the precise solutions to your specific needs.

  • Reach more decision makers directly, over an agreed period.

  • Affect different decision makers in the same target market, who normally would be missed using only one method.

  • Leverage our existing relationships: combined with  multifaceted and proven methodologies of business development.

  • Understand exactly where you are with your targets at all times.

  • Gain unparalleled access and engagement with new accounts, allowing you to win the business you need for growth.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Lead Generation

Is your sales pipeline light? Do you need more leads or to improve your close rates? Do you want to break out specific target accounts or scan the market to identify the low hanging fruit? Whatever you need, you are in the right place. Lead Generation is at the core of what we do, and you can trust Expedite to do the job right.

Expedite's outbound lead generation is the most effective way of breaking open specific accounts, once you have a clear idea of who you want to target. Not everybody responds to your demand-creation activities yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t good prospects. Maybe they didn’t like your e-mail – maybe they never received it – maybe they have a business pain but don’t associate your company with solving it. Proactive outbound activity is by far the most cost effective way of identifying with certainty who has an active project and who doesn’t.

Whether you want quickly to scan companies or need to break open complex enterprise target accounts, Expedite can help. We combine highly trained, professional lead-generation consultants with proven methodologies in order to create high quality, sales-ready leads that will genuinely make your sales teams more effective.  What you’ll get from us is detailed, accurate and insightful leads that are presented in a format that helps sales people get to the critical information quickly. Our agents are trained far beyond the level of a traditional telemarketing agent, so that they are often asking the kind of questions your sales people might ask at first visit, resulting in our qualifying out the kind of leads that lesser organisations might push through.

Our approach to lead generation is simple: by putting through only genuine, high quality leads and by building strong relationships with your sales team, more leads are followed up with greater energy – which means that ultimately you win more business.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Fill your sales pipeline with new, highly qualified prospects.

  • Enable your direct sales people to do what they do best: sell and increase your revenue.

  • Turn even the most cynical sales people into marketing advocates!

  • Increase market share in a highly targeted way by breaking into specific companies, verticals or countries.

Channel Partners

Lead generation to support your channel partners go to our channel services section and understand how we’ve developed lead generation services that are specifically tailored to cope with the unique challenges of an indirect model.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.



Lead Tracking

Closed-loop control of the entire sales cycle – for you, your sales people and your resellers.

When your sales people or resellers are pitching for dozens of new deals, it’s easy for new sales leads and prospects to be forgotten. Our lead tracking system provides the answer, giving you and your resellers the tools to manage and track sales leads and prospects online, maximizing every opportunity.

With its ability to work the way your partners do, from email reminders and at-a-glance status summaries to online CRM and sales management, it’s the perfect way to ensure that leads are entered, tracked and closed with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

Pass leads to partners without losing track. Lead tracking is simple to manage: it’s particularly popular with resellers because it’s quick and simple to use, making it easier for them to do business with you. It’s popular with vendors, because it’s sophisticated and powerful and covers all your needs.

You and your partners can see how much business has been pipelined and the revenue generated from specific marketing plays. You can export reports and synchronize data with other applications such as Salesforce.com, or use the system for keeping records of useful contacts for every prospect. Expedite's lead generation tracking tool also powers Expedite's outsourced sales service, where we take deals all the way to close.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • End-to-end sales cycle visibility for you and your channel partners.

  • Secure 24/7 online access for your resellers.

  • Easy for resellers to add new leads, or you to pass them prospects.

  • Status updates and timely reminders keep your leads on track to become sales.

  • Built-in CRM, ideal for capturing relevant details of contacts, calls, demos and proposals, plus details of prospects’ organizational structures.

  • Pipeline forecasts and meaningful sales predictions of likely values, based on realistic weightings.

  • Exportable reports to use in spreadsheets and for business presentations.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Pipeline Advancement

Do you create and distribute sales leads to your sales channel or direct sales teams, never to hear of them again? Do you suspect that a valuable pipeline is going to waste? Whether you operate a direct sales force or an indirect channel, ensure your lead-generation investment is protected using our Pipeline Advancement services.

Sales leads  are created in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they have cost you money. Whether you invest in lead generation campaigns, trade shows, marketing for your website or any variety of other activities, you don’t want your efforts going to waste.

Expedite recognises your sales leads are precious. We also know that hard-won opportunities can easily slip away and be lost to the competition. Perhaps the problem is a temporary breakdown in communication between the marketing and sales departments, or maybe your technology sales leads are rejected and forgotten because your channel sales partners are simply too focused on the current quarter’s targets and don’t have the time and motivation to build tomorrow’s pipeline. Or perhaps opportunities are not being updated properly in your CRM system to reflect reality, making it impossible to report a demonstrable ROI for your channel marketing spend.

Expedite helps you to close the loop with a number of powerful pipeline advancement services, such as end-user audits, to help you understand the quality of follow up that has occurred, on-going pipeline evaluation, to spot the ‘value leaks’ in your pipeline and make intelligent suggestions about what to do about it, or by calling your sales people and channel partners to trace exactly what the status of a sales lead is.

Depending on what we find we will offer to re-engage opportunities that are still active, escalate issues of prospect satisfaction,  take back longer-term opportunities that require further nurturing and offer to help update systems or report back what we find so that you can drive changes in lead-generation behaviour internally.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Enjoy greater sales success: Make the most of your leads.

  • Generate more motivation: Visibility of where leads are and what the next action is helps you drive positive follow up

  • Optimize performance: Set rules and deadlines for how quickly your sales people should act on leads.

  • Do it efficiently: Use our automated tools to trigger emails to managers when failures occur.

  • Discover what happened: Learn how to do it better next time.

  • Prevent political arguments: Expedite offers a professional service that will make things better, not worse. We’ll highlight ‘value leaks’ in your pipeline with tact but won’t shy away from ensuring issues are made visible and fixed.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Demand Generation

Are you struggling to get a consistent flow of relevant enquiries in sufficient volume? Do you suffer from mixed quality of marketing enquiries? Do enquiries currently go to waste because your demand gen activities create peaks and troughs in traffic that your sales team can’t cope with? Does your sales team require feeding with more, better quality leads?

Companies generate demand in many different ways; social media, events, e-mail broadcasts, traditional direct mail, media adverting, PR and more. Few know which source delivers them the best return, few can say with confidence which they should invest more in and which they should stop investment in altogether. Expedite’s approach to demand generation keeps the end goal in front of mind, ie, what is the total cost of generating a well qualified pipeline from end-to-end and how can that be continuously improved?

Employ us simply to help create incremental demand or give the whole problem to us from demand creation, to response management, to nurturing, to taking your sales leads all the way to close, with our quota-carrying inside sales offering, or helping you close leads. What better way to make sure that we’re motivated to drive the maximum return at every stage of the process ,than to make us responsible for achieving the end revenue goal within a specific budget!

By measuring each channel’s effectiveness right the way to closed revenue and giving you the power to report ROI by demand gen activity [or source] Expedite, will help you refine the effectiveness of your marketing activities over time – helping you to identify savings earlier in your marketing process.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Create incremental demand for your products, solutions and services by employing Expedite to tap into the significant C level relationships we hold for demand creation

  • Reduce duplicate enquiries with Expedite's de-duplication process – only pay for unique leads

  • Get more bang for your buck by pooling your marketing and sales spend with one partner and  benefit from a more holistic approach to achieving the best return for your spend.

  • Flatten the flow of enquiries: maximise your chances of a high quality sales engagement by using Expedite's proven lead generation techniques to smooth out troughs in inbound traffic or pipeline.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.


Response Management

Are you spending hundreds of thousands on driving inbound traffic but struggling to ensure fast and effective follow up? Is there a break between a prospect raising their hand and sales engagement occurring? Has the number of  sales lead sources multiplied to make it even more complex to ensure a smooth and integrated telemarketing follow up process?

In today’s world most vendors generate initial enquires or hand raisers from a multitude of sources, such as social media, events, web enquires, inbound calls, Direct Mail, e-mail, partner referrals, media, PR, click to chat and more. The speed of change has been fast and many vendors have struggled to keep up and maintain a fast, effective and integrated response management strategy. Expedite can help with their multi-channel, integrated response management solutions that ensure that each telemarketing enquiry is de-duped, tele-verified and handed over to your sales team at the point that it’s ready for sales engagement.

By measuring each channel’s effectiveness all the way to closed revenue and giving you the power to report ROI by lead source, Expedite will also help you improve the effectiveness of your demand-creation activities over time, meaning that you will be able to make savings further back in your technology marketing processes.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Get more value from your demand creation activities by ensuring slick follow up of your  telemarketing enquiries.

  • Improve the quality of your targeting by tracking ROI by lead source and being able to see what’s working and what’s not.

  • Improve your win rates by creating fast and high quality interaction with your prospects from day one.

  • Make more out of your social media strategy by linking your social media efforts with your sales engagement process – without breaking the principles of social media.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Event Management & Audience Generation

Are your events more vanity than sanity? Do they stress you out and give you poor or unmeasurable results in return? Turn your customer events into profit. Swap stress for streamlining, and business cards for genuine leads.

Sometimes your events prove to be a magnificent, wonderful…waste. They cost vast sums of money, drain your time and resources, and ultimately deliver little more than a bowl of random business cards that are ignored until they go cold (if they were ever hot). Sometimes your event goes smoothly, but not enough hot prospects turn up. Perhaps this is because you left it too late to get a slot in their diary, or because you pushed what you wanted to say, not what they wanted to hear, or maybe because you didn’t target the right audience.

Properly organized events can provide a unique and cost-effective opportunity to create a ‘buzz’ among a large target audience in a short space of time. However, making events succeed requires long-term planning, an understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and expertise in execution. The problem is: you don’t have anyone you can trust to run with it – without spending even more time explaining it to them than you would doing it yourself.

Expedite gives you the people, processes and time to ensure your events pay their way. We provide you with interactive tools that manage the process end-to-end, so you can relax in the knowledge things are running smoothly, saving you hours of admin time while working intelligently. We can also provide the tools separately if you want to run more professional events yourself.

Ultimately you’ll generate more genuine leads that deliver greater value to your sales people.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Peace of mind: Because we have the expertise, experience, processes and resources to ensure a successful event, you know we’ll do it right.

  • End-to-end assistance to keep your event management on track to achieve crucial timings, without leaving you in the lurch.

  • Discover the hot topics your prospects want to know about before the event – and the best locations to attract the biggest audience, using our data mining and analysis services.

  • Be in time. The structured, organized approach and online tools will help you to book the ideal events, speakers and other resources – before your prospects’ diaries fill up.

  • Make it happen predictably and reliably. Our easy-to-use web-based software will enable you to mail/email invitations, and automatically ensure responses are promptly and professionally handled using a range of response-handling mechanisms.

  • Easily and automatically manage responses. The system tracks web responses and emails, and Expedite agents can provide both your inbound and outbound call handling services, and use the combination of their expertise and the persuasiveness of personal contact to encourage attendance.

  • Maximize responses. The system generates a custom event web site, complete with online registration forms, agenda, maps and response mechanisms. Everything is made as easy and automatic as possible for respondents, so that they turn into attendees.

  • Minimize administration. As the event takes place, a simple mouse-click allows you to register attendees, generate name badges, and follow-up non-attendees with minimal effort.

  • Effective follow-up. Intelligent features and processes ensure each prospect is qualified, and sales follow-up optimized, both during and after the event.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.


When you do demand generation, are some of the valuable opportunities you identify too early in the sales cycle for field sales engagement? Are sales leads being lost or forgotten because they won’t close this quarter? Timing is everything. We’ll help you make the right moves at the right time to secure the sale. Even if it takes 18 months or more, we won’t forget.

However good your marketing machine and your sales force, there’s one factor you cannot control: exactly when the customer is going to purchase. Delayed decisions, budget cuts and new priorities all conspire to extend your sales cycle.

Consequently, there’s often a mismatch between the quarterly focus of your sales people and your customer’s procurement process. You can miss out on lead generation opportunities either by contacting prospects and sales leads too early (and then letting the lead go cold) or contacting them too late, when your competition is already in pole position.

Expedite's Nurturing Service gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t have to engage too early and waste precious sales resources, but neither will we let you leave your leads until it’s too late. We’ll keep prospects ‘warm’ from end to end, to ensure you don’t miss out – even if it takes 18 months to make the lead sales-ready.

Nurturing is a process which requires skill and systems to do well. We’ll put in place a communications strategy that is appropriate for each type of sales lead, be it low-value or high-value. Our systems ensure that regular touches, through multiple channels, keep the lead warm and move it along through the sales engagement process, without forgetting. When the prospect is ready to engage with field sales, we pass the lead back to the field: nurtured, qualified, and sales-ready.

We’ve found this approach is highly cost-effective, typically producing 20-30% more value from your existing sales leads – at a fraction of the cost of trying to generate new ones.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Drive more value from your existing leads and increase your sales.

  • Trust us to keep your longer-term leads ‘warm’, re-qualify them and hand them back to your sales team when they’re ready.

  • Don’t pay twice and duplicate your efforts by generating ‘new’ sales leads – only to discover they are the same clients you contacted six months ago. We’ll take them off your hands, and send them back to you when they’re ready for sales engagement.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Sales Process & Performance Consulting

Competition for business in every arena has never been more fierce, this combined with decision makers' incredibly busy schedules and increasing weariness and contempt for cold sales calls, means that every organisation must be as 'sales fit' and prepared as possible in order to maximise revenue.

Whilst generating substantial and consistent levels of new business is difficult, the good news is that success is achieved by adopting disciplined processes, which, if followed correctly, will provide the results you require as a growing business, whether small, medium or of enterprise size.  If this is the case why do many companies either consistently operate at below their maximum ability or, worse still, fail to achieve the necessary results?

We at Expedite have developed innovative, robust methodologies and practices, which are proven to ensure the entire process of business development is monitored and measured in a fail-safe manner, which means you achieve the results you require for growth.  We come at this not with theories derived from a text book, or with sales training written by one 'guru' in a particular style.  We have over 30 years combined experience in developing the highest levels of new business on a month-by-month basis. Our Sales Process & Performance Improvement Consulting takes a deep dive into the entire sales process, to identify and rectify what is preventing your organisation yielding the maximum return on your sales investment.

Our consultants look at every facet of the process, from lead identification and management, right through to proposals and closes.  Whether you are a small, medium or large company we can help you.  We never come with a fixed solution in mind, we roll our sleeves up and delve into every compartment of the sales process, fully to understand the workings of the machine and what needs improving, or adapting, to work at optimum level.  We then design and build bespoke solutions to your problems and help support your sales team in implementation, to ensure the required change not only happens, but lasts.  We are not contracted to work against Sales Directors but as a trusted third party to help assist them and their team in seeing the process more clearly, or viewing aspects in a different light.

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Benefit  from the significant real world experience we have available, in all aspects of new business development.

  • Receive a fundamental understanding of what bottlenecks are holding your business back.

  • As a trusted advisor: we are able to provide a confidential and vivid view of what is preventing the maximum return.

  • Enduring value:  we support you with coaching and training that will be invaluable for many years to come.

  • Invigorate and revitalise: a sales force which is struggling to overcome the same repetitive challenges.

  • Improve retention and development of key sales staff.

  • Provide constant support to the most stressed and arguably important department in your business.

  • Streamline the entire sales process to become as efficient as possible.

  • Measure and monitor the entire process so that you know exactly where you are at all times.

  • Continuously and consistently win and retain more business.

  • Increase revenue.

  • Generate consistent annual growth.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.


Bespoke Events

Whilst our more general Challenger events are a superb way of meeting with C level decision makers, in one place and on one day, we have recently seen a great demand from a range of companies for our Bespoke Events Service.

Bespoke Events are built and tailored to your business-specific needs from the ground up, in order to deliver against very specific goals.  We look after everything, to ensure that we deliver the very highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, at a level and price point which most companies cannot compete with, if they try and achieve the same results internally.

Many organisations make the mistake of simply pushing a product or service at their target market when organising an event.  We have learned through constant contact with C level decision makers that this is rarely something which appeals to them – and certainly not something they are prepared to take valuable time away from their core role to attend.  We focus on building an agenda which concentrates on the particular 'pain' points that your specific target audience are suffering from, which your product, service or solution can help to resolve.  We will then, as a trusted partner to both sides, produce an agenda which is compelling and use our relationships to bring a relevant and cutting edge thought leader, with the pull to attract the C level attendees you require, while balancing the relevance of the individual and topic to your solution.

  • We consult with you fully to understand what you want to achieve, within what time frame and what budget is available to achieve your business specific requirements

  • We agree on the specific target market and level of decision maker whose attendance you wish to attract

  • A team is then put in place to manage your account from inception to delivery, taking care of the agenda, thought leadership, the programme, operational requirements and delivery of C level decision-maker participants

  • Our skilled consultants then build a bespoke agenda which will deliver against your specific goals, in terms of level of attendee, number of attendees, length of event, date of event and most suitable location

  • Once the all aspects of the event have been agreed our consultants will then contact the Directors directly, leveraging our relationships as a benign third party to expedite the entire process

  • We deliver a truly exceptional experience for the C level attendees and in doing so, provide you with the necessary access and engagement to your target market allowing you to build new relationships and ultimately produce more sales

The Benefits to Your Business:

  • Get impartial expert advice, to gain the maximum return on your investment

  • Outsource all aspects of delivery, allowing you to focus on your core activity

  • Provide unparalleled insight into what will attract your target audience

  • Save time and money in all aspects of design and delivery

  • Be regarded as 'The Thought Leader in Your Field' among your target market

  • Provide the ultimate experience to your target audience creating total brand recall

  • Experience the highest levels of access and engagement with C level decision makers

  • Win more new business

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

Turning Information into Intelligence

Whether you are a large Corporate or an SME, setting your services apart from the competition is vital. So when developing or delivering products and services it pays to base your decisions on authoritative information, not guesswork. Bespoke Research Services from Expedite deliver quality insights and business information that will enhance your decisions and plans.

Research Services Elements

Depending on your requirements, Research Services can include:

  • market-research reports

  • business-to-business mailing lists

  • competitor analysis

  • company reports

  • Whitepaper research and publication

  • local-area profiles

  • salary and benefits benchmarking.

The Benefits to Your Business

Improving your strategies: underpin your plans with quality data on markets, customers and competitors, and set a benchmark for your business.

Supporting growth and diversification: our authoritative information will help you identify new customers, distribution channels and suppliers.

Assisting new market entry: make informed decisions about entering new sectors or geographical markets at home and abroad.

Enhancing perceptions: quality research and information from Expedite ensures your business plans are credible to clients and potential investors.

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

CXO Dinner Club

Coming Soon for 2014

CXO Supplier Sourcing

Sourcing suppliers is a very tricky operation with many potential pitfalls.  So how do you find categorically the best provider for a specific requirement?

If you are not used to sourcing new suppliers on a regular basis, you may not have the in-house skills to manage the exercise successfully. Or perhaps you simply do not have the time in parallel with your demanding day job. We can help!

Our team has unparalleled market knowledge of suppliers who sell into our four practice areas.  We can find specific companies for specific needs and qualify them accordingly against your requirements – in a fraction of the time it would take you and your team.

Let us help you to get on with the job in hand, while we take this complicated burden off your hands – and completely free of charge!

Clients that chose Expedite have reported these benefits:

  • Time saved – which means lower costs;

  • Less disruption – staff can concentrate on their day job;

  • Proven process – far better than an ad hoc approach;

  • Rigorous sourcing – based on a thorough needs analysis;

  • Wider supplier choice – ensures shortlist includes best value and best service candidates;

  • Analytical – clear and effective scoring system;

  • Independent – ensures no bias towards, or influence by, certain suppliers or solutions;

  • Fully auditable – transparent, fair selection and contract award process;

  • Better outcome – smart negotiating improves value for money;

  • Client focused – A free service to the buyer; we only make money from the right provider being found.

We recently helped one very satisfied client who saved over £100K and ended up with a far better service as a result.

"You have literally saved me 100s of hours searching for the right company, when our incumbent suppliers could not deliver against a very specific requirement – thank you!"

HR Director

To understand how this model works in detail please contact us below or call us to speak with one of our consultants on 020 7872 5555.

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"Expedite took our lengthy brief & swiftly came back with a company we did not know of, yet was an exact match in terms of our requirements. They then organised the meeting and set the scene for both parties. We are now working with the company they put forward" ~ HR Director, Software
"We have had a number of meetings, arranged by Expedite with HR Directors. In each case the individual has had a live project, a budget and time frame attached to resolve it and they want to meet us. We could not ask for better meetings" ~ MD SLA Recruitment